Please watch the next 3 videos and read the captioned notes I’ve added for context!

Love this spot from Corona Austrailia. Very in vein with our missive: exploration, spontaneity, detail. Especially love their visual capture on details like hats waving, water drops, ice sloshing, etc.

Really beautiful little ad that explores a romantic weekend. Very spontaneous camera language, finding focus, exploring textures, imperfect framing. My absolute favorite moment is at the end when they kiss, and we forget everything else and focus on their lips hesitating and meeting as the water from their swim drips off of their chins. I also love the blends of color temperature and embrace of the natural light.

Terrific Ad for Wrangler which painted such an intimate portrait of their product in daily life without making it all obvious, just a lifestyle.


Corona Model

Corona has been doing some really nice work lately with lifestyle and party type work. Here are a few stills from a recent spot called “Take it from Summer.”

Corona “Take It From Summer”

Corona “Take It From Summer”

Corona “Take It From Summer”

Corona “Take It From Summer”

Corona “Take It From Summer”

Corona “Take It From Summer”


Techniques and Approach

So, some of the things that I apprecaite most out of the pieces I’ve mentioned here are not only did they seem to capture the spirit of our brand we’re working with, but they are also quite beautiful.

Some approaches I think contribute to their aesthetic and the direction I’d like to push towards are:



Make it feel like you can feel everything—even the air. Fire is life. Where there’s smoke, there’s cooking, fireworks, candles, incense, cigars, campfires, adventure, warmth, flavor, etc.

I’d like to diligently add haze and atmosphere to as many shots as possible to create a sense of tangible atmosphere. Not only will this create depth, and therefor a closer intimacy with our charaters within their space, but it also develops a romantic quality with the light, allowing it seep in and become a part of the scene.

And it looks cool.



Memories are compositions of detail. Finding a way to visualize moments of touch, smell, taste, temperature, humidity, goose bumps… that’s where we can find our magic.

With lifestyle, I’m always trying to push to shoot the way Hemingway writes. When describing a place or an event, he doesn’t write about what people are doing, but he writes about the effects of the circumstance. The wine stained wood on the floor of the bar after the bull fight. The dew on the grass clinging to the waders as the walk down to the river to fish. The smell of smoke lingering in the empty hotel room. People will always come and go, but the details tell the story they’ll remember.

Color Palette


Using a somewhat muted color palette, natural and earthy, with pops of color reflective of the environments, this will allow the animated motion graphic elements to jump out of the screen and highlight the bran treatments and designs that will help visually separate this work from other lifestyle work out there.